1.What products does Khazanchi bullion Offer ?

Khazanchi Bullion offers gold and silver bars with different denominations.

2.Can I purchase at any center ?

Yes, you can buy at any of our centers.

3.If I purchase at one center, can I take delivery at another center ?

Yes, orders can be booked from one center and delivery can be taken from another center also. But the payment shall be made at that particular center where the delivery was taken by the customer.

4.How to become a Member ?

In order to become a member in Khazanchi Bullion, approach to your nearest branch office with your KYC documents.

5.What are the benefits of a Member ?

i) Member will be kept informed about the gold / silver price whenever he makes a phone call.
ii) Member can place the order for a specified rate. If the market hits the rate as specified by the member before 11:30 pm of the same day, the order gets executed, otherwise the order gets cancelled automatically. The orders can be placed or cancelled only by a phone call.
iii) Member has to take the delivery of the executed order on the trading day or within the next two days i.e., trading day + two calendar days or as communicated over the deal.

6.Can I sell a gold or silver bar to Khazanchi bullion ?


7.Can I make cheque payment ?

Yes, Cheque payments can be done, subject to their realization.

8.Can I make payment through credit card ?


9.How can I make payment through 'Transfer' ?

You can transfer money to our Khazanchi bullion account through
i) Account transfer.
ii) RTGS(Real Time Gross Settlement).
iii)NEFT(National Electronic Fund Transfer. *Conditions apply

10.What happens if I were given a defective Gold / Sliver bar. Can I return it to you for replacement ?